About us

A very wise person once told us: “Traveling is addictive. Once you’ve started, you can’t stop it anymore.”

We have been caught by the travel disease quite some years ago and so took advantage of the gap between two stages in our family life to discover part of the vast and exotic Asia.

Starting in Delhi, the capital of incredible India, we will move south towards Kerala, the Southern tip of the subcontinent. Afterwards we will head to Thailand, descend towards the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur and from there fly into China, to get a glimpse on the world’s currently second – and perhaps future first – economic power. Departing from Shanghai, we will then explore the island states of the Philippines and Indonesia.

This site is destined to share our impressions and experiences during the coming six months. Each stop on our itinerary will receive a proper page. Pages will be grouped by countries and are registered in the menu item “Places”. Particular experiences and curiosities not particularly related to one specific place will be reported in posts and appear in inverse chronological order on the “Home” page.

To follow our itinerary geographically, we also included a route map, which will be built up step by step with the progress of our journey.

We hope you enjoy reading us and are already looking forward to many comments and feedback to our blog entries!

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